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Purple Ombre Sunglasses

I love watching the sun begin to set in a purple-y ski creating an ombre effect with a deep violet sky fades to a soft lavender at the horizon. These D&G Sunglasses (Endless, $135) recreated that effect during even the brightest times of day.

You Scream. I Scream.

We all scream for purple Ice Cream Makers!

I wonder what purple ice cream would taste like. Would a grape sorbet be good? There is always the classic purple cow float with grape juice and vanilla ice cream. What about a raspberry and purple basil sorbet? A four berry frozen yogurt could be tasty. I've even hear of something called "ube" ice cream, which is made from purple yams. Of course, a classic vanilla topped with purple sprinkles might be the best of all of these creations.

I guess I have all summer to test these cool purple recipes in my new Cuisinart plum-colored ice cream maker ($49.95, Sur la Table).

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Who is the fairest of them all? You are, obviously. But don't use a homely mirror to showcase your beauty. The fairest of them all deserves to be viewed in the fairest of all mirrors.

Pictured: Purple Baroque-Style Mirror, Neiman Marucs, $495

From Rags to Rugs

I had two rag rugs in college that helped transform the plasticy dorm "carpet" into more friendly flooring. They folded up small to suite the nomadic nature of college life. They cleaned easily and withstood stains surprisingly well. If only mine had been purple like these rag rugs from Urban Outfitters (2x3 Rag Rug $14; 4x6 Rag Rug $49).

Retro Dreams

I have a purple lava lamp. It's the one remaining item of my teenage decor. It completely captures the hippy-dippy boho-chic style i fully adopoted during junior high and high school, but the purple lava with clear liquid in a silver base are toned down enough to fit with my more sophisticated decor. This Retro Radar bedding set (, $49.99) reminds me of my lava lamp, and it would be a great way to recaptures the style of my teen years without reverting to that exact denim and tie-dye situation.