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Paula Deen Does Purple

While Southern cuisine isn't my specialty, I have a strong bond with Paula Deen. That bond is called butter. It seems Paula and I share another bond--Purple! Paula's selling a set of purple porcelain pots and pans at Target for $119.99.

Are You Listening?

I love music.
+ I love purple.
I love these head phones

Pictured: Thoroughly Modern Musician Headphones in Purple, Mocloth, $67.99

Balloon Animal Bookend

When I was a child, I went to a family friend's clown college graduation. (I'm not afraid of clowns so this was not a traumatizing event). Our friend was a hobo clown called Boxcar Ernie. He taught me how to make balloon animals. (I even have a purple balloon pump. Yes, have, not had.)

This balloon dog bookend (Modcloth, $39.99) is just the right mix of silly and cute. They also come in orange, but the purple is obviously superior.