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Purple Party Shoes

My New Years Eve dress was supposed to be green this year, but the zipper broke so I headed to Marshall's hoping they could save my debut into 2011. I came home with two options--one purple, one black. Sadly the black one won the battle so I'll have to rely on purple tights orp party shoes to add my favorite color to the mix.

These purple bow pumps would be perfect:Pictured: Ambrosia Pumps, Norstrom $79.95

25 Purples of Chirstmas: Merry Chirstmas

Merry Christmas! May you receive purple gifts. And if you're a wonderfully whimsical purple fan, perhaps you'll receive them under a fairy tale purple tree. Pictured:
Purple Whimsical Pre-Lit Christmas Tree, Avalon Garden, $97.96

25 Purples of Christmas: Dress Your Tree Purple-y

You aren't the only one who wants a purple Christmas dress. You tree wants in on the action, but it will let you off cheap with this affordable offering by Jaclyn Smith. Pictured:
Jaclyn Smith Today Velvet Visions 52in Tree Skirt, Kmart, $13.39

25 Purples of Christmas: Rely on Ribbon

You've run out of wrapping paper and the stores probably have too. For majestic wrap, turn to simple brown mailing paper with a bold purple ribbon (a color that's probably left in the regular wrapping section of the stores). It will look elegant and unique against the see of shiny red, green and metallic papers. Pictured:
Purple/Teal Sparkle Wired Ribbon, Crate & Barrel, $6.95

25 Purples of Christmas: Darling Christmas Dress

When I was little twirling in my Christmas dress was all part of the magic of the season. My mother always made sure I was lavishly decked out for the holidays. Back then my favorite color was pink so I think my mom kept toward traditional holiday colors, but this purple dress would be perfect now. It comes complete with a bow plus a conservative neckline and sleeves to make it Christmas Eve service friendly. Pictured:
Teri Jon Roll Neck Party Dress, Nordstrom, $358

25 Purples of Chirstmas: Skate Away With Me

I've always dreamed of going ice skating at Christmas while it's snowing. I've never been ice skating and would probably break a bone, but it seems like a wonderful thing to do. I wouldn't mind if my skates weren't purple (but that would be even better). I guess I settle for an ornament to remind me of my dream. Pictured:
Quilted Ice Skate Ornament, TheQuiltedHouse on Etsy, $5

25 Purples of Chirstmas: Glitter All the Way

When in doubt, make is sparkle. Pictured:
Glitter Ball Ornaments, Set of 3, Crate & Barrel, $2.95

25 Purples of Christmas: Postal Purple

If you're a traditional decorator, but want to sneak some purple in at the holiday's consider a purple Christmas card to send to friends and family. Pictured:
Rococo-inspired Medallion hand stamped Christmas card - Set of 2, RachelsRubberRoom on Etsy, $6.50

25 Purples of Christmas: Disco Holiday

If you're Christmas is less about holly and jolly and more about stayin' alive, maybe this disco Christmas bulb will be just the thing to get you dancing despite everything else. Pictured:
Mirrored Glass Disco Ball Christmas Ornament, Sears, $9.99

25 Purples of Chirstmas: Hooked on Purple

You've purchased a purple tree, collection purple ornaments to adorn it and assaulted everyone's eyes with an overload or purple. Or maybe you've been banned from over-purpling the holidays. Well, these little purple ornaments hooks are the answer. You'll either be able to make everything purple or you'll be able to hide a bit of your favorite color all over your tree without anyone being the wiser. Pictured:
Purple Christmas Wire Hooks, Set of 20, twistedbeading on Etsy, $12

25 Purples of Christmas: Purple Icicles

Imagine a winter wonderland where the icicles freeze into frosted purple spirals. Thanks to these ornaments, we don't have to just imagine. Pictured:
Purple Passion Shatterproof Icicle Christmas Ornaments, Set of 36, Amazon $7.99

25 Purples of Christmas: Topped in Purple

For anyone with a mini tree, look no further for the perfect topper--a purple glitter star for just a dollar. Pictured:
Mini Tree Topper, Target, $1

Purple Sequin Dress Steal

My great grandmother said that they way you spend New Years Day is the way you will spend the rest of the year. Why not greet 2011 wearing shimmering purple sequins? This dress is only $25 reduced from $69. Starting the new year in such a great deal is sure to guarantee a year of fashionable bargains. Pictured: Stripe Sequin Tank Dress, Arden B., $25

25 Purples of Christmas: Gold On Purple Bulb

Sometimes its the simple things that make Christmas special... Pictured:
Gold on Royal Purple Hand Painted Ornament, Catcancrochet on Etsy, $18

25 Purples of Christmas: Floral Lights

What's better than Christmas lights? Christmas lights you can display all year. This strand of purple lights can add a delicate floral touch to your holiday and continue illuminate your decor once the season is over. Pictured:
Every Flower is Illuminated in Violet, ModCloth, $24.99

25 Purples of Christmas: Purple Ornament Jackpot

Purplify your holiday with a mega box of purple and silver ornaments. Pictured:
Shatterproof Ornament Set of 50 - Purple/Silver, Target, $12.75

25 Purples of Christmas: Ruffle Foil Charger

The only thing that could make this charger say Chirstmas more than shimmer, ruffles and jewel tones would be a pile of delicious Christmas cookies! Pictured:
Ruffle Purple Foil Charger, Crate & Barrel, $4.95

25 Purples of Christmas: Glittering Snowflake

If only purple glitter snowflakes existed in nature... Pictured:
Scintillating Snowfall Ornaments, ModCloth, $4.99

25 Purples of Christmas: Bird Stocking

As a follow-up to yesterday's twittering ornament, this stocking sings with little purple birds on wintery branches. Pictured:
Thomas Paul Tweeter Stocking, Velocity, $30

25 Purples of Christmas: Baby Bird Ornament

Set your purple loving heart a twitter with this tweeting felt baby bird ornament. Pictured:
Purple Felt Baby Bird Ornament, 3FishAndALadybug, Etsy $5

Purple Flatware

I have a strange love for flatware. I'm always picking out my ideal set. I never imagined I'd find purple flatware! Anthropologie really does have everyone I want (if I lived in a world where I could afford $48 for a five piece setting.)

25 Purples of Christmas: Nesting Doll Dishtowel

Adorable little nesting dolls always pop up (or open) around Christmastime. This nesting doll dishtowel adds some holiday joy to all those dishes left in the sink after your Christmas party. It features a purple nesting doll and purple pom-pom fringe for a subtle punch of purple. Pictured:
Nesting Doll Dishtowel, Anthropologie, $18

25 Purples of Christmas: Antiqued Purple Ornament

Tradition, memories, and warm times shared with friends and family make the holidays the special times that they are. Recapture the feeling of Christmases past with this oversized antiqued ornament. Pictured:
Oversized Antique Glass Purple Finial Ornament, Crate & Barrel, $16.95

25 Purples of Christmas: Reindeer Sweater

My opinion of Christmas sweaters is a bit undecided, but this pretty purple reindeer sweater has more style than most. Pictured:
Reindeer Fairisle Sweater, Victoria's Secret $29 (on sale from $68!)

25 Purples of Christmas: Purple Shaped Glass Ornaments

Add swirling style to your tree with these shaped glass ornaments in a vivid purple. Pictured:
Purple Onion Shaped Glass Ornaments - Set of 4, Target, $26.99

25 Purples of Christmas: Fandango Foil Gift Wrap

Add some unexpected colors to the mix of gifts under the tree this year with lovely foil gift wrap with a traditional batik-inspired print. Pictured:
Marimekko Fandango Purple-Teal Gift Wrap, Crate & Barrel, $7.95 (Also available in Red-Purple)

25 Purples of Christmas: Amethyst Crystal Ornaments

Amethyst crystal ornaments will bring the beauty of natural design to any Christmas display, even an artificial tree. Pictured:
Amethyst Crystal Ornaments - Set of 12, VivaTerra, $29 (also available in Citrine)

25 Purples of Christmas: Toadstool Ornament

I love Christmas, and I love purple. Welcome to 25 days of Christmas with pretty, purple items for Christmas decor. First up, this unique toadstool clip ornament for a little bit of lilac hiding in your tree. Pictured:
Lilac Toadstool Clip Ornament, Anthropologie $10